Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Conduit HD v1.07 Full (1.07) APK Free

Download The Conduit HD Full 1.07 APK Free

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In Washington DC is enveloped in chaos, Secret Service agent Michael Ford is hired by a mysterious organization known as The Trust, and is quickly caught up in a national crisis , an alien invasion and a network of conspiracies that date back hundreds of years .
Now you have to help you learn to use new strange weapons , battle deadly aliens , discover ancient secrets and save the world ... if you can figure out who you can trust ...

The Conduit HD
• Stunning graphics : The graphics and gorgeous to enhance their beauty on Tegra devices , boasting increased resolution , improved lighting and advanced physics !
• terrible enemies : Battle fourteen unique enemies aliens and humans who use the cover and tactical thinking to fight back!
• CONSPIRACIES gloomy Throughout your adventure , learn new theories and connections in an effort to discover the truth behind the invasion , and more ...
• Weapons intense : human Eighteen different exotic weapons and "others" , many of them completely unique effects !
• invisible hazards : use the all-seeing eye to reveal invisible objects and enemies , before it's too late!
• Unprecedented Customization : Change the control inputs , the user interface designs and many other items to play the game the way you want!
• CONTROL SUPPORT : Enjoy a more traditional control using Bluetooth Gamestop Wireless Controller for Android !

The Conduit HD APK
What's New in version
Version 1.05 Updates
+ Version 1.04 crashed into a black screen . Fixed!
+ Haptics Feedback for devices that support it
+ Vibrations associated options for Haptics Feedback
+ Custom Controller screens Moga Moga Moga correlation for Pro and Pocket
+ Minor bug fixes

How to install
- Install apk
- Copy the folder " com.highvoltage.theconduit " en route " sdcard / android / obb "
- Start game


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