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Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16934 APK Free

Swype Keyboard v1.5.6.16934 APK Free

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As requested by users, Swype now available in the Play Store! Download it today for only $ 0.99. Limited time offer!
It already has over 250 million users and growing
Guinness World Record: gets to write a message in the shortest time possible
Enjoy the original Swype keyboard that started it all: do not accept imitations!

Swype just think IT. Get ready for more and better from a keyboard that gets smarter as you use it, whether you write quickly, accurately or if you are a ninja of Swype. Swype is fixed in the form in which you enter your text and creates a personal language model that follows you device to device. Swype: the world's most powerful keyboard.

LIVING LANGUAGE AND Swype HOTWORDS keeps you updated thanks to a language model in real time from the news and from multiple sources that in turn gives you immediate access to our dictionary of languages ​​that is permanently updated. Imagine having instant access to words and phrases used in everyday present. Living Language Swype further specify your dictionary with a supplement of additional dialect to the language you prefer. (Optional Feature)

PREDICTING THE NEXT WORD is so smart it's like Swype could (almost) read your mind. The language model more powerful staff prepares your device market to learn the vocabulary you use and can predict your words based on prior use.

BACKUP AND PERSONAL DICTIONARY SYNC allows you to back up and synchronize automatically the language model and the dictionary staff on all devices with Android operating system. (Optional Feature)
The famous Dragon Dictation voice recognition allows not having to use your hands, turning speech into text in a quick and accurate simply pressing the Dragon. Now available in 36 languages.

THE EDITOR SMART analyzes the whole phrase, indicating potential to allow correct errors quickly, including suggestions with the most likely alternatives.
And Swype is even more personalized and intelligent functions:
Multimode: Swype, Typing, Writing, Speaking
Single Keyboard Tablet: No need to download any extra application for your tablet. Swype tablet includes three modes to choose from, including: original Swype keyboard, a keypad, mobile and a split keyboard for easy insertion into your tablet.
Intelligent Touch: Swype learns your unique style inserts, continually evolving and adapting to your writing patterns keyboard to enjoy a truly personalized way.
Language Downloads: Swype you can download in 60 languages.
Keyboard Issues: With a wide variety of topics to choose from, you can customize the look of the Swype keyboard as you want.
Synchronizing voice and text dictionary: New words are added to your personal dictionary Swype keyboard are synchronized in all input methods, enabling Swype easily introduce, write or dictate with Dragon.
Gestures: Because sometimes all you need is a fast direct access to common commands like: for capitalization, punctuation use and edit text (like in Select All, Copy, Paste or even change the language).
Want more information? Check out our videos and our advice
More information: Google play
New in Release
Thanks for the comments about Swype you! These are the changes:
Fixed a problem with the Enter key that was affecting some users in certain applications.

How to install
1. Uninstall the previous version, preferably using Titanium Backup after compensation data
2. Lucky Patcher Released to delete files Odex "automatically, if
3. Install Swype
4. Do not run
5. Lucky Patcher Released
6. Remove License Verification
7. Auto Modes
8. Check both 'Auto' and 'Extreme Ways'
9. Apply
Swype 10. Star
(You can also use Google Play by chelpus Mod)


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