Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FxGuru: Movie FX Director .APK v1.1.0 (Full/Freedom) Android [Full] [Free]

FxGuru: Movie FX Director .APK v1.1.0 (Full/Freedom) Android [Full] [Free]

Free APK of FxGuru: Movie FX Full v1.1.0 Android Manager, you can download FxGuru: FX Movie Director. Android 1.1.0 Apk full free download FxGuru: Movie Director for Android FX format. Apk, FxGuru: Movie FX APK Manager, full version of the App FxGuru: FX Movie director. Android apk, android apk FxGuru: Movie FX Manager v1.1.0.Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher,

Add fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood science fiction and action movie effects to any video. Movie Director FxGuru FX offers innovative features for you to blow-away from his friends, including:
A huge variety of visual FX for explosive action scenes to heart-pounding sci-fi
MotionMatch ★ ™ Proprietary technology allows you to add realistic movement during filming
The effects that last more than ten seconds to allow time for more creativity
Virtual ★ Adhesives provide guidance for each effect of aligning your shots without problems

3 Effects Included FREE:
Capture an old satellite falls to Earth
film a UFO landing craft as roars overhead
Running a TNT explosive ☆ destroy anything close Barrel

A wide variety of other effects are available for purchase in-app, including:
Sci-Fi Movie ★ / Futuristic / Alien FX: Mech Attack; UFO arrival UFO Invasion; Calling UFO, alien probe; Meteor Strike
Action Movie / Weapons / FX Military: Flamethrower, cruise missiles, Molotov Cocktail, Bunker Buster, Granada, demolition of buildings; Rocket Launcher

With FxGuru can:
Avoid tasks by blowing up his lawn mower, bathroom or stack.
Astound friends for filming a UFO invasion in its backyard.
The blank space in your driveway to destroy that old car or RV.
Your only limit is your imagination!

What's in this version?
- 8 new effects added! 2 Effects Free New!
- The introduction of FxGuru Pro: Includes 24 effects, recording HD cinematic video filters, add effects to pre-recorded videos, access to the future effects and more!
- Improved performance and video quality
- Artifacts and fixed video recording on some phones
More effects very soon!
If you're still having problems, please try restarting the phone or Thank you!

User with previous version:
-Install over the installed application (no data is lost / backing, because it works on all devices)
Open-freedom (have the latest version, you can upgrade from within the app)
-Find the application and patch fxguru
-Open fxguru 1.1.0 (if not opened automatically from freedom)
-Now you can download any free effect
All these steps are ECHOS since version 1.0.4 (NOT from version 1.0.5 IF USED) AND PURCHASED THROUGH THE FREEDOM PACK WITH VERSION 1.0.4

New users:
Fxguru-install 1.0.4 (not open)
Freedom-Install the latest version (you must be root) (This application is for free shopping)
-Change time zone or Russian language to work freedom (freedom is of Russian origin)
Open-freedom (superuser permissions must be given)
-Find the application and patch fxguru
-Open fxguru 1.1.0 (if not opened automatically from freedom)
-Choose the effect (you can give the pack) and give download
Play-store opens and uses it's own card Feeecard xxxx-7386 (the latest numbers may change)
-I give to buy and download free effects
-Update to 1.1.0 and follow the steps above

FxGuru: Movie FX Director 1.1.0 

FxGuru: Movie FX Director .APK 1.0.4


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