Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dragon Ball Tap Battle .APK v1.0 Android [Full] [Free]

Dragon Ball Tap Battle .APK v1.0 Android [Full] [Free]

Free APK of Dragon Ball Tap Battle v1.0 full Android, you can download Dragon Ball Tap Battle .Apk Android 1.0 full free, download Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android in .Apk, Dragon Ball Tap Battle APK, full version of the game Dragon Ball Tap Battle .apk Android, Android APK Dragon Ball Tap Battlp v1.0.

Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher,

Dragon Ball battle hot here now!
Dragon Ball Battle Tap
Goku and Vegeta began, the action against several characters each week!
reproduced in a dynamic production! Deadly Attack Exploits! !
That fight revived running tap!

Served in the palm of rapidly deployable Battle Dragon Ball! !
popular studded warriors!
Of course, Goku, Frieza and Cell appeared! Fully reproduce that mortal! !
served in the method of operation of the two!
Operation and implementation of the attack is determined by simply touching the tap the opponent, the operation of the virtual stick family!
ad hoc also can play!
Allows real-time strategy among players who have downloaded the app!
The characters become stronger ◆ strengthening rapidly in the card!
The possibility of obtaining multiple cards stacked against you! A higher ground!

-Start the game with internet and download an additional 72 MB of data sd
-sd data only be downloaded through play
-Internet connection required each time you start the game

Download Dragon Ball Tap Battle.APK Android [Full] [Free]


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