Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme .Apk 1.3 Android [Full] [Free]

Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme .Apk 1.3 Android [Full] [Free]

Free APK Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme v1.3 Android full, you can download Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme .Apk Android free full, download Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme Android in .Apk, Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme full Apk, full version Galaxy S3 Note2 theme theme HD Apex .apk Android.

The difference is in the details. Now you can enjoy the look of the new Galaxy S3 and Note2 Samsung TouchWiz launcher, with a unique combination of the issue of a skin with themes, wallpapers and HD + HD 600 icons.

TOPIC requires no permission to run. And adds.
It is completely safe to install on your device.

This Galaxy S3 & Note2 Apex Launcher Theme HD is compatible with all mobile screen resolutions.

Some devices may not change some icons automatically own theme icons.
Touch and hold the icon on the display while desktop (not working inside the AppDrawer)
Select "Edit"
click the icon
click "select icon packages"
search for "Theme Galaxy S3 Apex"
select the desired icon.
Remember to browse the selection screen icon to other icons that you can include that you might want to change.

Set background transparency Appdrawer
Apex Setup -> Settings drawers - Drawer> background transparency -> set to 50%.
Set Appdrawer dock icon on the right side
Simply drag the shortcut icon appdrawer the right end of the base.

Copy the ringtones on the SD card folder so that the files are displayed in the selection of ringtones. If your phone can not play mp3 ogg convert them with the use of any third-party program.
For Samsung Phones: Copy OGG files in the correct / SYSTEM / MEDIA / Audio folders with any root explorer then RE-BOOT. And do sets of permissions to rw-rr by root explorer.

What's in this version:
Updated icons and INTERFACE folder to Jelly Bean version of Touchwiz S3 and Note 2. Do not forget to set the preview folder to "fan"
Apex Settings -> Folder Settings -> Folder View -> Fan.

Download Galaxy S3 Note2 HD Apex Theme.Apk Android [Full] [Free]


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