Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where's My Water? 1.9.0 .Apk Android [Free] [Full]

Where's My Water? 1.9.0 .Apk Android [Free] [Full] 

Free APK of Where's My Water? Android v1.9.0 full, you can download Where's My Water? .Apk Android free full, download Where's My Water? Android 1.9.0 in format  .Apk, Where's My Water? full apk, full version Game Where's My Water? .Apk Android.

Cranky is the toughest alligator around and he has worked up an appetite from sabotaging Swampy water. Eats anything, especially all the. Rotting and disgusting junk found in the dumps and sewers

Cranky will not eat vegetables however, and now the food is vegetation such as algae. Use the dirty purple water to clean Cranky the plate so he can eat!

The story of Swampy
The fun is just beginning. The story of Swampy unfolds as you play. Swampy cute, he's funny, he just wants to take a shower with his beloved rubber ducky. In Swampy's Story, play seven themed chapters over 140 levels. Collect marsh ducks and shower items to unlock new puzzles and bonus levels. Free levels are added to Swampy's history regularly!

Cranky's Story
Cranky is the toughest alligator around and so are his puzzles! Play the first two chapters across 40 levels and test your puzzle solving skills with Crank's Challenge. Cranky Challenge is a game within a game. Four unique puzzle packs with 16 total levels for the most skilled puzzle solvers.

Humorous story moments and richly-detailed graphics bring this subterranean world to life! Check for updates often.
AMAZING real fluid physics Go with the flow! Swipe, slosh, and splash to guide fresh water, dirty water, and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios.
COLLECTIBLES, challenges and bonus levels swampy Collect items and complete Cranky Shower Challenge to unlock bonus levels. "Tri-Duck" each chapter and tap around secret levels and even more surprises! Visit / WheresMyWater for more hints, tips and secrets.
Every drop counts in Where's My Water? - A refreshing puzzle game full of fun clean

What's in this version:
To celebrate the release of "The Adventures of Swampy ground" - the new series based on Disney Youtube Where is my water - we upgraded to a new level hidden! Here's a hint: Look for the fire extinguisher! In addition, for those owners Mystery Duck, enjoy 20 new levels!.

Download Where's My Water?.Apk Android [Full] [Free]


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