Monday, October 22, 2012

★ Stealth Chopper 3D ★ .Apk 1.1.3 Android [Full] [Free]

★ Stealth Chopper 3D ★ .Apk 1.1.3 Android [Full] [Free]

APK free Stealth Chopper 3D Android v1.1.3 full, you can download Stealth Chopper 3D .Apk Android full free, download Stealth Chopper 3D Android 1.1.3 format .Apk, Stealth Chopper 3D full aPK, full version of the game Stealth Chopper 3D .apk Android.

Fly SEAL Team Six in 4 unique environments. Fight against enemy tanks, guns and aircraft with you arsenal of weapons. Use your chopper on various missions including attack, assault and reconnaissance. Stealth Aircraft are essential for conducting Modern Warfare.

You should be able to fly at high speed, low altitude, and in a short time. Only the best drivers will be required to implement. Do you have what it takes?

Full 3D graphics using OpenGL 60 FPS in duel core devices.
The realistic flight physics.
3D volumetric smoke and explosions.
Several types of terrain with varied mission.
Designed from the ground up for tablets and Android phones.
Android exclusive
No special permits
No external resources to download
Intiutive Sim Flight Controls

Download ★ Stealth Chopper 3D.Apk Android [Full] [Free]


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