Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SuperGNES™ Apk Android [Full] [Free] [Emulator]

SuperGNES™ Apk Android [Full] [Free] [Emulator]

Free APK SNES emulator for android SuperGNES, full download emulator on APK SuperGNES ™, you can download free Apk Android SuperGNES full, SuperGNES ™ Super Nintendo emulator brings the console experience. SuperGNES is the Super Nintendo Emulator ™ offers you the opportunity to feel like playing a real console.

SuperGNES ™. Apk is an original emulator developed with mobile processors, making it the fastest of all.

It is designed to quickly locate your favorite games and start playing just looking in your files.

You can select from a list of games with your cover. You can save your progress at any time and return to where you left off.

You can also use cheat codes a huge database of Game Genie ™.

• The emulator faster with maximum compatibility
• Core ultrafast SuperFX to play StarFox and Yoshi
• SA1 for Mario RPG and Kirby
• multi-touch screen controls with optional response
• Choose the size and orientation of the screen and turn it
• Automatically detects and displays your home games
• Enables screenshots
• Hundreds of tricks to choose from
• Increase the speed of the games with the turbo
• Compatible with formats smc, fig, sfc, zip and 7z.
• Need help?Get real assistance!

Download SuperGNES.Apk Android [Full] [Free] 


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