Monday, June 25, 2012

Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper .Apk 1.6 Android [Full] [Free]

Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper .Apk 1.6 Android [Full] [Free]

Free APK VirtuaGirl LiveWallpaper v1.6 free APK Android full, you can download Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper. Apk Android full free, download Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper Android  in .Apk,Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper 1.6 APK full, full version of the Android App VirtuaGirl LiveWallpaper.
Liven up your phone with wallpaper sexy live! Enjoy professional models sexy and sensual dancing and rolling on your phone!
Browse the girls hitting the screen.

** Shake the phone to make them dance! **
Want to try another girl? shake the screen again to stop the current program, tap the screen to move the girls available (6 so far), and stir again to launch the one you want!

How to install:
Once downloaded, go to the menu (or hold down the screen), select "wallpaper", then:
go to "living wallpaper"
select "wallpaper selection"
look for the big red and white V standing for VirtuaGirl? Live Wallpaper
Press "wallpaper, select"
And have fun!

Download Virtuagirl LiveWallpaper.Apk Android [Full] [Free] 


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