Wednesday, June 13, 2012

N64oid v2.4.3 Android [Apk] [Full] [Free]

N64oid v2.4.3 Android [Apk] [Full] [Free]

Apk android emulator of N64oid, N64oid.Apk is the famous Nintendo 64 emulator that is highly optimized for Android. Also the emulator N64oid has the tools to save and load games, all emulator options should be to provide more fun for users.

System Requirements –
 Android 2.0 or higher –
ARMv7 compatible CPU –
 OpenGL is 2.0 FEATURES

* It runs most games smoothly at a reasonable speed (if not at full speed) with sound. This requires you to have a high end device (Nexus-S-S Galaxy, Xoom, etc.). * Very good compatibility compared to other emulators for Nintendo 64. * Save / load game states at any point, the files are fully compatible with Mupen64Plus on the PC. * The onscreen keyboard is very user friendly and configurable. * You can assign keys to the game hardware buttons. * Ability to use the G-sensor and the analog stick.

DOWNLOAD N64oid v2.4.3.Apk  Android Emulador Full Gratis


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